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Social Media Review

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I organically grew All Things Real Estate's Facebook Page to over 189,000 followers (and growing) and our Instagram account to over 233k. If you need help improving your social media presence or optimizing it, consider the Social Media review for one platform of your choice; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, or Google Business.

What's included? You'll get a list of actionable items along with video to guide you in attracting the specific clients you want to work with through your social media.

What I'll be looking at and what the checklist will include:

  • Your Profile page
    • Handle
    • Profile Pic
    • Description
    • Links
  • Content
    • Working or not working
    • Aesthetics/Style
    • Is it Organized & Strategic?
    • Call to Actions
    • Video vs Posts
  • I will identify any gaps I see that you can fill in
  • How often you are posting
  • Engagement with your profile and others
  • Your data insights and what to do with that info
  • Suggestions on tools you can use to schedule, automate & optimize your info

Most times we don't see what's right in front of us in our business. Not only will I identify those things for you, but I will also help you to create a social media presence that truly reflects you so that when people meet you in person for the first time, they will say or feel that you're the same person as your social media profile.